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If you're interested in any or all aspects of Past Life Regression, these simple but effective E-Books will provide you with hours of entertainment. They include stimulating ideas, interesting concepts and practical techniques you can apply in an instant, with full advice and instructions.

FREE Past Life E-Book 1:

"How to Create a Better Life NOW... by Unlocking the Secrets of Your Hidden Past Lives" By Andrew Parr

mypastlifereportIn this report will learn the basics of Past Life Regression and an understanding of what you are looking for and what you can expect.

You will also learn some new concepts and theories about Past Lives and Past Life Regression, which may change the way you think about life forever...

And of course you will be taught some simple but effective techniques for getting the most out of ANY regression and improving the quality of your life NOW.

This might include...

* How to remove the Past Life chains that tie you to poverty, insufficiency and want.

* How to resolve inner demons that cause you to feel fear, anxiety and worry.

* How to break life-time patterns of self-criticism, self-doubt and low self-esteem.

* How to break Past Life habits of illness and injury, by clearing the blocks from your 'pain body'.

* PLUS dreams, relationships, career choices and much more...

(Some of this is also covered in the FREE Online Past Life Regression Course you can sign up for here).

FREE Past Life E-Book 2:

"How to Uncover Past Lives in Your Sleep"


This report is short and sweet but teaches you a great little technique for unlocking Past Lives while you sleep.

Often some of your deepest memories can be revealed in this way, which can be fascinating in themselves... but even more profound when you then explore further using the Mypastlife Past Life Regression CD or Past Life Regression Downloads.

Again, these reports are included free with every copy of Mypastlife - after processing payment you will be guided to the download page where these e-books will be available for you alongside the Past Life Regression audio files.

Full instructions are given, and it is very easy and straightforward.

To get your copy of Mypastlife now and claim your free e-books for instant download, please click here.

Best wishes,


Andrew Parr



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"A fascinating and revealing experience - VERY HIGHLY RECOMENDED" - Averyka

"Five stars for everything, Andrew" - Milli Thornton, Writer

"It is Brilliant. ...Thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit our previous lives." - Irene Matthews, Trainee Past Life Therapist

"The results have been quite incredible" - M Baldwin, Horse Trainer

"Andrew, tried the regression last night, first amazing result..." - Dorothy Davies, Author



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